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Top New Construction Neighborhoods in the Triangle

The Triangle is growing rapidly everyday and builders are quickly raising up homes to keep up with the growth. With all these new construction neighborhoods appearing throughout the area, its hard to discern which are the best. Here’s why Sweetwater of Apex and 12 Oaks of Holly Springs are the top new construction neighborhoods to buy in.

Unbeatable Amenities

Why not save time and money that you would typically spend on your gym, driving to a bike path, or renting a space for events? At both Sweetwater and 12 Oaks, all of those amenities come with your home. In each community you will have access to a convenient and fully equipped fitness center and competition pool. Likewise, each community has also planned inter-neighborhood biking and hiking trails, grills, playgrounds, pavilions, and much more–all for your convenience.

A Focus on Sustainability

boxed plants in a community garden.Both Sweetwater and 12 Oaks place a high priority on keeping the environment natural, green, and clean. Each neighborhood places a huge focus on preserving the natural surroundings of the area. Each home is outfitted with energy efficient and sustainable materials. Beyond that, both neighborhoods feature a community garden for residents to work, learn, and play in.

A High Level of Convenience

Each and every new construction home in Sweetwater and 12 Oaks enjoys some of the finest conveniences. Each community has access to an nearby shopping centers, as well as a proximity to major highways like US-1 ad I-540. This ensures that residents can easily commute or travel to any of the many amazing destinations and attractions within the Triangle.

Community Development

happy couple riding a bike with trees in the background.In this busy day and age, it can be so difficult to meet neighbors. All too often, we will generally know their face–and sometimes their name–but rarely interact with them. Sweetwater and 12 Oaks are taking initiative to change this. By offering community green spaces and gardens, as well as hosting community events, it is the goal of both neighborhoods to nurture a sense of community among its residents.

Searching for the Right New Construction Home for You? We Can Help!

Whether you are planning a significant relocation to the Triangle or simply searching for a new place to call home, it is important to have access to all the best real estate information. That’s where we come in. As Triangle real estate experts, we have the know-how and the connections to make sure that you find your dream home quickly and for the right price. Contact us to schedule a visit to your dream home, or to simply discuss the area’s trends in real estate. We look forward to hearing from you!

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