Top Tips To Help Your Home Exterior Look Its Best During Fall and Winter



Are you thinking of selling your home during the fall or winter months? There are still ways to make your house feel like “home” to someone without blooming flowers and the lush grass of the Spring and Summer months. We’ve gathered our top tips to help your home exterior look its best during Fall and Winter. Not selling your home? These tips will still be great for you to keep your home looking great for holiday gatherings!

1. Frequently do a check-up on leaves or snow/ice.

If your home is surrounded by trees, you will want to make sure leaves are raked away from entryways, sidewalks, and any features of your home that may be a selling feature to those stopping by. Leaves and snow/ice can also be a hazard to those that want to see your home, so take extra care to make sure your walkways, steps, and entryways are free and clear of anything that may become a hazard.

2. Add details to your yard to replace flowering plants.

During the fall and winter, most plants will not be at their prime. You may want to replace these flowering plants with greenery that can withstand the temperatures in your area. Another idea if you don’t want to add plants – you can add lawn decor such as benches that will enhance the curb appeal of your home. It can also be helpful to replace old mulch with new mulch that has more vibrant colors. This can give your flower beds a clean look without adding any additional plants.

3. Remove any eyesores from the yard.

This is a great tip for any time of the year! Make sure to pick up toys, tools, trash, etc from your lawn as needed. Especially during the fall and winter months, children and pets love to play in the leaves or go sledding in the snow. That is such great fun, but make sure everything is picked up and placed out of the way before you have guests for your home exterior to look its best and not distract from selling features of your home.

4. Show how your exterior living space can be used in fall and winter.

Your outdoor living space can be an important selling feature of your home. Don’t forget all of the great ways this space can be used in the fall and winter months! It can be helpful for those viewing your home to have a visual of how the space can be used. Make sure, even if you aren’t using the space, you show how it can be used. For instance, if you have a beautiful outdoor patio that you enjoy barbecues in the Summer, you may want to add a fire pit for the fall and winter and stage with wood and skewers for roasting marshmallows.

5. Spruce up your front entryway.

Your main entryway is the first thing a home buyer will see when they walk up to your house. Make sure your front door has a fresh coat of paint in an inviting color that compliments the rest of your home. You can also make sure the doorbell is in good working condition. This can be a detail that is often overlooked, but for the home buyer that loves to entertain and host, this can be a small detail that is very important. You may also want to add a new doormat and replace any worn furniture. Make sure you don’t overload the space and make it feel cluttered. You don’t want to overwhelm your guests, but you do want to show them how each space can be used.

6. Update your garage door and mailbox.

When thinking about selling your home, you are often focused on the inside and making sure everything is cleaned and free of clutter. Don’t forget the small exterior details that people see when they first pull in! If your mailbox is not in good working condition, this may be a good time to replace it with a new one. If it is in good working condition, you can add some rocks or mulch around the bottom with a nice border and seasonally appropriate plants add a nice touch. Also, make sure your garage door is clean and in good working order.

7. Clean or replace outdoor hardware and lighting.

You will want to go around the exterior of your home and take a look at any hardware or outdoor lighting you have and make sure they are all in good condition, are in good working order, and that they don’t make your home look dated. Some home buyers may visit your home after the sun has gone down and your outdoor lighting may make all the difference in allowing them to see special features about your home.

8. To decorate, or not to decorate?

Don’t be afraid to decorate for holidays while your home is on the market. Others want to see how they would live in your home and it is important that they can also see how they may be able to decorate and host for holidays, even if they don’t celebrate the same as you. Do keep your decorations simple and try to have them compliment pieces that you already have in your home. You don’t want your decor to be so overbearing that your guests focus more on that than the best selling features.

We hope that this list of tips helps you keep your home exterior looking its best through the Fall and Winter!

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